What’s there not to love about a green lawn? Your neighbors all covet your property, because it looks great and it makes for the perfect backdrop to a lazy weekend barbeque. The curb appeal helps increase the property’s value, making it an asset, in this day and age, when the real estate market is so incredibly competitive. And, above all, you’re proud to be living in such a great home, which provides ample opportunity for spending time outdoors and also has great value. But can such great lawn care, Brentwood TN homeowners, be achieved solely through DIY means?

We, at Turfclips, believe that truly efficient lawn maintenance cannot and should not be left only to the hands of the property owner. Genuinely effective lawn care service should be provided by the experts. They’ve got the requisite know-how and experience to take care of your lawn maintenance in Belle Meade TN, Sylvan Park, Nashville TN, and just about anywhere else in the area. Yet, like any good lawn mowing company, we’re also always ready to provide our clients with a handy list of tips and tricks that will help them keep their turf in check when our technicians are not around.

Know what your lawn is all about

This seems commonsensical enough, right? Before you can care for your lawn, you need to know all the important aspects about it. But what are those important aspects, specifically? Here’s what our experts recommend you become informed about:

– The type of grass growing on your lawn. As you may already know, there are several different species of grass out there and they don’t all respond to the same conditions in the same way. Some thrive in southern climates, where it’s warmer and the weather is generally drier, while others fare better up north.

– The particular needs your turf has to have met. Grass needs several things in order to thrive: shade, sun light, and water.

The more you know about your lawn, the more adept you’ll be at caring for it on your own. Moreover, the better educated you become, regarding the plants and grass that grow on your property, the more skilled you’ll be at dealing with the lawn care company technicians.

Nourish your turf

There is far more to proper lawn care than the occasional mowing of the grass. Sure, that’s important, but it’s just as important to know what nutritive substances your turf and the soil beneath it require, in order to look their best and stay healthy. It’s a good idea to leave fertilization to the hands of the professionals, since they know exactly what nutrients your lawn needs, in order to ward off diseases, pests, and tough climacteric conditions. A good lawn care company will base its nutrient recommendations on soil tests, which will help determine the trace amounts of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen that your turf needs, in order to stay healthy the year round.

Work with experts

Aside from having the requisite experience and know-how to help you out with caring for your lawn, lawn care experts can even revive an otherwise neglected property. It doesn’t matter if your turf has been overlooked for decades, if it recently went through a drought, or if it’s been plagued by pests. Our Turfclips experts, active in Oak Hill, TN, Forest Hills, TN and the surroundings, can turn it into the best looking lawn on the block.