In need of good lawn care, Bellevue TN homeowners? You need look no further than this website, because the Turfclips team of technicians is here to help. Not only are we a lawn care company that provides the full range of services, but we also care about the environment. We know that a healthy lawn is a stepping stone for a healthier environment and we’ve built our business in Brentwood, TN, Bellevue, Nashville TN and beyond on a few key principles. We know all about eco-conscious lawn maintenance strategies and have got trained experts on call to implement them. Good lawn service providers don’t operate with toxic or otherwise damaging substances and Turfclips makes no exceptions. Here are the four essential elements in our environmentally friendly lawn care service strategy:

1. Soil tests

Our technicians always start out in designing their lawn care strategy from soil testing results. These tests determine the specific make-up of the soil underneath your turf, which, in turn, helps us figure out what nutrients your soil requires. Then, we deliver those nutrients through fertilization and other substances, in order to help your grass and plants thrive. Another positive result of soil testing is that it prevents us from using unneeded nutrients and fertilizers. This diminishes the use of chemical substances on your turf and, with it, the carbon footprint of our lawn care plan.

2. Selection of plant species

The Turfclips team knows that the climate, soil, and weather conditions in Bellevue TN are unique. As such, we strive to identify plant and grass species that will do well in the area. We want your turf and ornamental plants to be healthful and to thrive in the current conditions for as long as possible.

3. Eco-system approach

There’s far more to eco-conscious lawn care than finding a good lawn mowing company. Turfclips, for instance, prefers to approach each individual lawn as a miniature eco-system in its own rights. Just like several plant and animal species cohabitate in harmony in the jungle, the same goes for your very own front lawn. That’s why, aside from soil testing, we also perform biomass calculations. Biomass pertains to the number of plant, animal, and insect species living on every single square foot of lawn. The more you look after this biomass, the more your lawn will thrive and be healthful. Biomass calculations can also help determine the number, extent, and nature of layers in which plants need to be installed on your lawn.

4. Optimal water usage

Finally, we understand that water is a finite resource and, for this reason, we recommend that homeowners let us take care of watering and irrigation for them. Not only can we calculate the right amount of water your lawn and garden need, but we also make sure to use the right species of plants, so as to lower your watering needs. Some plants thrive in drought conditions, even! Finally, we know when the best time to water is: watering in the morning and evening helps the lawn hold moisture for a longer time, which is great for the plants, as well as for nature at large.