A healthy lawn is certainly an important aspect in the life of any homeowner. Lush green turf makes a property attractive and is a reason to boast: your home is getting attention for how well manicured and properly trimmed the grass looks. Yet the importance of keeping one’s lawn healthy transcends the life of any one individual property.

There are many reasons why owners should invest into keeping their lawns thriving, free from pests and disease – and, in the following, the lawn care experts at Turf Clips explain some of those reasons.

• The United States have a lot of turf on their surface. It has been estimated that, throughout the country, there are over 30 million acres of lawns. As is the case with any other green surface, lawns make an important contribution to the cleanliness of the air humans breathe. Scientists appreciate that some 5 per cent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is removed thanks to the existence of those 30 million acres of lawns. Since they help eliminate CO2, lawns efficiently act against the propagation of the greenhouse effect. As such, it can be said that they also help homeowners save money, by literally cooling down the air in summer. If you’ve ever lain down on a lawn in July, then you definitely know the sensation.

• Not only does grass help remove carbon dioxide, but it also produces oxygen, since it nourishes itself through the process of photosynthesis. Yet another scientific estimate explains that an averagely sized lawn, measuring 50 by 50 feet can produce sufficient oxygen for a family of four people to survive on. In the day-to-day battle against pollution, turf also acts in one more way – it collects the particles of dust and smoke that float through the atmosphere and keeps them from being breathed in by other living organisms.

• In terms of its cooling powers, turf also functions as one big and natural air conditioning device. According to science, eight healthy lawns at the front of any property can generate up to 70 tons of conditioned, cooled down air. That’s just about how much sixteen homes require, in order to stay cool and fresh in the summertime.

• Proper lawn maintenance also makes a difference when it comes to reducing some very damaging phenomena in nature. Land runoffs can be efficiently trapped by rich and healthy grassy areas. Sliding land can be slowed down and filtered, thereby reversing a process that has affected many homes in the United States. In addition, the water resources in those areas of runoff are returned underground all the cleaner for it.

These lawn care tips are brought to you by Turf Clips, your local lawn care experts. Our lawn care services are available in Nashville, Brentwood, Belle Meade, Sylvan Park, West Meade, Green Hills, Oak Hill, Forest Hills, and Bellevue, in the state of Tennessee (TN), and surrounding areas.