There is one thing about lawn care Brentwood TN residents agree upon: it is an ongoing process that reclaims passion, hard work, time and investments, but it is, nonetheless, a fulfilling and exquisite experience. And why shouldn’t it be so? Long summer nights in the garden, Sunday barbecues with the family and friends, kids playing in the yard, friends coming for a late cocktail on the patio, these are all worth the effort.

Keeping a lush, thriving landscape is not easy, however. Sometimes the weather is against you, sometimes all the applied strategies didn’t lead to the best results. Sometimes, the money spent on lawn maintenance is too many to be ignored and sometimes, it seems like you are harming the environment with your actions.

But home owners are in luck, because reliable lawn service companies are here to teach them that there are strategies to employ in order to save money, work on a decent budget and obtain a sustainable, eco – friendly landscape on your property. There are some rules to apply when trying to achieve sustainability and a safer environment, saving money and keeping the outdoors lush and healthy, and the following 5 tips will show you how.

Step 1: Don’t do anything by the ear. You may like some species of grasses or love some flowers and plants, but it doesn’t mean they will all thrive as you wish. First, test your soil for pH levels, fertilization and watering needs, acknowledge the benefits and downsizes of living in the climate you do and then plant turf, shrubs and flowers. Some soils allow some species of greenery to thrive on low – maintenance and with less water and some of these plants match the environment and the biomass of your landscape.

Step 2: Smart irrigation saves money and leads to an eco – friendly, sustainable landscape. You can save water by scheduling your irrigation systems to water in precise moments of the day, with the right volume and frequency. You can use collected rain water for the lawn’s needs and get specialized in drip irrigation techniques.

Step 3: Learn to recycle and reuse bio waste. You can ask advice on green waste management from a lawn care company, be it from Brentwood TN or Belle Meade TN, Sylvan Park, TN, Nashville, TN, West Meade,TN or other close areas. You can use grass clipping, fallen leaves, small branches, shrub trimmings to turn them into natural fertilizers or mulch. Ask for a lawn service expert to teach you the entire process of recycling and reusing the green waste.

Step 4: Save electrical energy. There are countless tips and advice regarding saving water and use bio nutrients, but few speak about saving the energy consumed by your garden lighting system. A professional lawn maintenance company could teach you how to manage wires and bulbs, how and when to replace them, what to install in order to save energy and how to apply alternative energy systems in your garden and lawn.

With these things in mind and correctly employed, lawn care Brentwood TN should become easier, cheaper and sustainable, not to mention environmentally – friendly!