In spite of the growing popularity of lawn care services, some homeowners still believe that the best way to take care of their lawns is to do it themselves. The experts at Turf Clips have identified this as the number one most widespread myth regarding lawn maintenance and have debunked it for us, alongside with other popular, yet unfounded half-truths about what’s best for one’s lawn.

It’s best to mow your lawn as short as possible

This myth has caused a lot of damage to lawns around the United States, as many believe shorter is better and healthier for the lawn. However, as any professional lawn care company technician could tell you, the best thing for your lawn is to have it mown at one third of its natural length, in a single pass across the lawn. Healthy grass is naturally long, because an ampler surface of grass blade allows for a more intense and nourishing photosynthesis process.

Fertilization should only occur in spring

If you do it yourself, you might, indeed, not have the time and energy to do more. If you hire a lawn care company, however, you will find that the proper way to do it is three times a year. Fall fertilization helps make the roots grow stronger and it also prepares the soil to store more nitrogen, which the grass roots will use to successfully transition through winter. Spring fertilization should occur in two stages: one at the beginning of spring, and the other at the end, in order to avoid the development of weeds.

It doesn’t matter how often the blades on the mower are replaced

During the next scheduled visit from your lawn maintenance company, check out the way the blades look on professional lawn mowers. They are always sharp, un-dulled, and dent-free. Given their intense usage, blades can easily become damaged because of debris, rocks, or simply from cutting the lawn. And lawn maintenance technicians need those blades to stay sharp, because dull and/or damaged ones will end up pulling the grass out from the root or tearing the blades, instead of cutting it, the way it should be. What’s more, professional lawn care mowers are not universal: the blades are adapted to the various types and lengths of grass that they need to cut.

Lawns need to be watered on a daily basis

This myth also stems from the belief that it’s best to do the lawn work yourself. A good lawn mowing company will not water your lawn more than once a week, however the 1 time per week watering schedule is a long term goal that only realistically can work in year 3-4 of a well established Organic lawn. Sometimes in Nashville we do not receive enough rain fall to keep our grass alive. So we have to water more during these hotter periods. Generally, we recommend watering thoroughly and deeply. Fewer waterings, but deep each time. Light watering causes issues. Every lawn has different conditions (shade/sun exposure, air flow/wind, soil condition, topography, etc.) and needs a custom watering plan that Turf Clips can design. In the hottest months, 1-2 inches per week is usually sufficient. Instead of using a small amount of water each day, the team that does the lawn work for you will use a larger quantity, which will permeate the ground thoroughly and saturate it. The deeper the water goes, the deeper the roots go, too – and deeper roots make for healthier turf.

Mulching causes the emergence of thatch

Mulching is probably the healthiest, most natural, and most organic way to fertilize the soil on your lawn. Since it makes use of trimmings and dead leaves, it may determine the apparition of thatch – but never to such an extent that it can damage the lawn. Before mulching, your lawn care provider should make sure to clear the lawn of weeds and crabgrass, which thatch can, indeed, encourage to thrive.

These lawn care tips are brought to you by Turf Clips, your local lawn care experts. Our lawn care services are available in Nashville, Brentwood, Belle Meade, Sylvan Park, West Meade, Green Hills, Oak Hill, Forest Hills, and Bellevue, in the state of Tennessee (TN), and surrounding areas.