We, at Turf Clips, simply love autumn and would like for our clients to share the sentiment. Fall months are unparalleled, in terms of beauty and comfort. We encourage you to kick back, admire the landscape’s changing colors, and indulge with some pumpkin pie, together with your nearest and dearest. In the meantime, our teams of lawn care technicians will be implementing these five lawn care tactics that are ideal to use right before winter. They will ensure that your lawn looks amazing during the coming cold season, as well as when the weather warms up. In the meantime, you can put your lawn tools back in the shed, and allow us to take care of all the prep work for you. You’ll be thankful you did, come spring.

Soil maintenance

Like all homeowners, you want your lawn and garden to be in top shape before spring and summer arrive. That’s why you’d be best advised to call in the Turf Clips technicians, to do some maintenance and prep work on your soil. They will enrich it with the nutrients turf needs to thrive, such as special bacteria and various microscopic organisms. Then, they will remove the annual plants from your soil, as well as dead leaves, turf trimmings, and any other kind of debris (fruit, vegetables, etc.). These will all be used to make organic compost, the best kind of ‘food’ for your lawn and garden, which will work wonders when used in spring. It is the most natural substance to help your flowers, trees, and other plants to thrive, come warmer weather.

Mulch installation

Instead of working with synthetic fertilizer, you can opt for all-natural mulching. Turf Clips teams can install mulch on your lawn and we advise you to choose this variant, for several reasons. First of all, mulch is naturally rich in useful ingredients and nutrients. Secondly, it’s the most affordable way to improve the odds that your lawn has for thriving in spring. Last, but definitely not least, mulch will stop weeds from emerging, and will keep the soil healthy, free of erosion and aerated over the winter.

Weed control

What you might not know, but Turf Clips teams do, is that weeds, just like any other type of plant, also prepare for winter. They effectively strengthen up by storing nutrients inside their roots, which might make them harder to remove. Our teams pull them or dig them out, while for the most stubborn weeds, they use a special substance for weed control. Not a weed is left not removed and the barren spots are then over-seeded, to make sure your lawn still looks great, once we’re done with it.

Dead leaf removal

Remember summer, when your lawn was bright green – both the turf and the foliage in your trees and shrubs? What happened? It seems like your lawn was covered in a carpet of multi-colored fall leaves overnight! Those leaves may be beautiful, but they will start to rot before you know it, so you’re better off having our technicians do some cleanup for you, before that happens. We use professional leaf blowers to move all the leaves from the edges of your lawn to the center, in order to create a big pile, or, alternatively, send them to the edge of the lawn. The process is simple, quick, and highly effective!

Tree pruning

Come fall, as shrubs and trees shed their leaves, it becomes immediately noticeable for arborists that some plants have dead branches. Turf Clips experts can come in and do away with them, in order to help your trees preserve their health. They will remove any branch that grows back to the center of the tree, crosses another branch, or rubs against one. We take special care not to leave the stump of the tree or shrub exposed, by not removing overly large branches, as this could damage it, instead of making it healthier.

So go on enjoying the autumn season, get your home set up for the cold season, and let Turf Clip teams take care of the lawn work for you. In spring, your property will look more beautiful and healthier than ever.