The three months of autumn are perhaps the best time of the year to make sure your lawn is in mint condition. That’s when Turf Clips comes in, with its holistic lawn care strategies for the fall. If you live in Nashville TN, Brentwood, Belle Meade, or surrounding areas, our lawn maintenance company can help you make sure that your lawn will survive the coming winter and come out thicker and more lush in spring. We also have some plans to rid it of weeds and pest for the long-term; read on to find out what you can expect.

1.      Lawn renovation

If your lawn needs to be over-seeded, then the three months of autumn are the best time to do so. We can make sure there will be no barren spots on your lawn the following spring, by planting the best mixture of named grasses in the Forest Hills, Bellevue or Nashville area. Renovation is best begun in September, but it can also be deployed in October, if the temperatures allow it. Should the lawn not be frozen in November, it can still be topped off with sod, in order to create a nurturing layer above the ground, for the seedlings to emerge.

2.      Clearing the grounds

Since our top concern as a professional lawn care company is our clients’ satisfaction, we will want to make sure that your lawn is weed-free. We will remove the thatch in September and rake away all the dead leaves and debris throughout the three months.

3.      Raking and aeration

In order to make sure that your lawn has the best conditions to thrive at its disposal, before over-seeding, we will make sure that the patches of soil around the remaining blades of grass have had their surface cleared. To boot, we can also aerate your soil – an operation best undertaken in September or October, when the weather is still warm. Aeration will help the roots of the grass get better access to oxygen.

4.      Fertilization

Fertilization should also take place in the warmer months of September or October. We use a 3-1-2 analysis ratio for Bermuda grass. Also, for annual grasses, our lawn service company will apply pre-emergence control measures.

5.      Irrigation

It is especially important to keep over-seeded and new lawns properly moisturized throughout the fall, especially if the season happens to be on the dry and hot side. We can irrigate your lawn on a daily basis, until the newly seeded grass has grown at least 2 inches tall.

6.      Mowing

Turf Clips is a lawn mowing company, first and foremost. As such, we will mow your lawn at ½ inches taller, if the lawn has been over-seeded in September or October. We will keep cutting until around Thanksgiving, but while making sure that we are only cutting 1/3 of the blade of grass.

7.      Trimming

November is a great month to make sure that your grass has been growing properly. If there are any spots with too much shade, we will trim your hedges, shrubs, and trees. We, as a lawn maintenance company can provide our clients with the full range of services they need.