Many homeowners don’t ever stop to ask themselves why soil aeration is important for the health and welfare of their lawn. In a nutshell, Aeration is the relief of compaction: the process through which the soil underneath a layer of grass is de-clumped, loosened up, and de-compacted. It is important because the colder seasons will bring on rainfall and low temperatures, which, in time, will prevent the proper amounts of air, water, and nutrients to enter into the soil. Also, clumped up soil will not allow the grass blades to develop, for grass roots grow in the air space around soil particles.

Any given lawn may be mowed and maintained regularly, and yet still suffer from infections, parasites, and various types of diseases, simply because the soil beneath it is not nurturing it properly. Many homeowners will believe everything is lost at this point, and that their lawn has been damaged beyond repair. While it is true that compaction is the #1 enemy for soil, it is a process that can be easily reverted – if left to the care of the right professionals.

Soil Aeration Restores the Health of Your Lawn

Our teams of technicians have been trained to aerate soil thoroughly. One pass is not sufficient to restore the health of severely compacted soil. Turf Clips will aerate 2 passes over your lawn, in order to make sure that no effort has been spared for lawn maintenance. Our process involves using a core aerator, which is far more efficient than other tools. This mechanism takes about a 3-inch plug of soil out of the ground and then leaves it on the surface of the ground. Thus we make sure that the entire expanse of ground in your yard has been aerated properly.

We also provide repeat Aeration, because we want to make sure we’ve taken care of all the issues that may arise from soil clumping. While machine-based aeration can last for up to a few weeks, a worm tunnel can last for as long as three years. Any homeowner who has ever had to deal with such pests knows that they are difficult – but not impossible to get rid of. In an organic lawn, worms are our friends! The whole point of organic lawns is to feed the soil, not the grass, so that the microbiology (soil ecosystem) is thriving and releasing nitrogen. Worms and their poo are a critical part of this process. We want them! Without them, the soil is sterile and dependent on reactionary lawn treatments that don’t solve issues, aka a synthetically chemically treated lawn.

Our typical Aeration Schedule the year round includes a spring aeration in April and May, followed by the fall aeration, which takes place between September 1 and October 15. If you choose to contract Turf Clips for your soil aeration needs, you can also benefit from additional perks.