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Lawn care in Brentwood, TN: 4 Basic Principles

Lawn care in Brentwood, TN is usually viewed as an important part of peoples’ lives in these parts, as no land owner can be more proud when their lawn and outdoor landscape reaches its seasonal full potential of beauty, health and glorious looks. And no responsible land owner in Brentwood will ever settle for a dry looking lawn, with bald spots, unhealthy turf, weed infestations or pests’ attacks. » Read More

Lawn care in Bellevue TN: When is too much water too much?

They wouldn’t call Bellevue in TN like that if the area wouldn’t be truly spectacular, with a great contribution to its reputation coming from land owners who strived to give their properties luxurious looks and incredible designs. Lawn care in Bellevue TN seems to be more than a pleasant way of spending time, but a tradition and a reason to be proud of. Skilled owners know pretty much all there is to know, from turf varieties to early signs of disease requesting the presence of lawn care local specialists to intervene.
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How well do you Know your Turf? Lawn Care in Sylvan Park, TN – turf height rules

You know that expression, “being on somebody’s turf”, usually having a threatening connotation in gangster movies? Isn’t it rewarding and soul lifting to actually be on your turf, admiring its lush bright green, its healthy blades and its aura of immense beauty and tranquility? Owing your own turf and making the best out of the experience doesn’t always come only with feelings of rejoice, but with responsibilities too, one of them, and the most important one, being the lawn care practices and principles. » Read More

6 Reasons You Need Lawn Care Nashville in Winter

Ideally, winter is a beautiful season, with magic, soft snowfall, and fun to be had in the great outdoors. However, every now and then, a heavy winter can just come in and ruin all the hard work and money you’ve invested in your beautiful lawn and landscape. That’s where our professional lawn care Nashville services come in. We can help you minimize and perhaps altogether dodge the damages caused by cold winter winds, perilous ice storms, and heavy snowfall to your lawn and landscape. We know that trees and shrubs are particularly sensitive to these dangers, so we’ll do everything in our power to help. Here are some perils against which our teams will make sure your lawn and landscape are as protected as possible.
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5 Winterkill Issues and 5 Lawn Care Nashville Tailored Solutions

Winter is a beautiful season in its own right, with the snow covering the entire landscape and keeping your turf safe and snug until the arrival of the warmer season. However, winter can also take a heavy toll on the health and beauty of your lawn. Luckily, our lawn care Nashville experts are here with tips on how to prevent this from happening. But what exactly could happen to your lawn? The umbrella term is winterkill, and below we explain how it could affect your lawn.
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Lawn and Landscape Winter Damage Warded off with Lawn Care Nashville

Winter may be an amazing season for us humans, but it can often take a heavy toll on plants, flowers, and grass. That’s why our lawn care Nashville range of services includes dedicated solutions for lawn and landscape protection during winter. We want your turf to benefit from the healthy development that winter can spur on, instead of coming out at the other end looking damaged and diseased. Here are some of the solutions we use, in order to make sure your shrubs, trees, bushes, and flowers, are as protected from winter damage as possible.
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Our Top 4 Weed Control Strategies

What our years of experience in lawn service have taught us is that there is no such thing as a completely weed-free lawn. The only plants that are foul-proof when it comes to weeds are those that grow in a greenhouse. For the rest of them, good weed management is the only approach that works. The biggest problem with weeds is that they are aggressive and invasive – they can silently ruin a perfectly well manicured lawn before you even have the chance to realize what’s going on. So that’s why, in time, we at Turf Clips have developed the following five strategies for taking care of weeds.
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Why Laying Sod Is a Great Idea for Your Lawn

A large number of homeowners choose laying sod on their lawn, instead of opting for seedlings, and we can’t say we don’t understand. Some of our previous clients have explained that they avoid sowing grass and dealing with seedlings for the following reasons:
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5 Pre-Winter Lawn Care Strategies We Use

We, at Turf Clips, simply love autumn and would like for our clients to share the sentiment. Fall months are unparalleled, in terms of beauty and comfort. We encourage you to kick back, admire the landscape’s changing colors, and indulge with some pumpkin pie, together with your nearest and dearest. In the meantime, our teams of lawn care technicians will be implementing these five lawn care tactics that are ideal to use right before winter. They will ensure that your lawn looks amazing during the coming cold season, as well as when the weather warms up. In the meantime, you can put your lawn tools back in the shed, and allow us to take care of all the prep work for you. You’ll be thankful you did, come spring.
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How to Have a Perfect Lawn in 3 Steps

As a matter of fact, benefitting from the prestige and beauty of a lush, green lawn starts and ends with one simple measure: calling a professional lawn mowing company. The lawn maintenance pros at Turf Clips know all the techniques and have all the tools your lawn needs in order to thrive. We would be more than happy to hear from you and discuss your lawn care needs; for the time being, however, we can provide you with some insight into our processes. We, at Turf Clips, believe that lawns in Nashville, Brentwood, Bellevue, West Meade and other areas in Tennessee simply require three services to look their best: mowing, watering, and aeration.
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