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7 Lawn Care Strategies for the Fall

The three months of autumn are perhaps the best time of the year to make sure your lawn is in mint condition. That’s when Turf Clips comes in, with its holistic lawn care strategies for the fall. If you live in Nashville TN, Brentwood, Belle Meade, or surrounding areas, our lawn maintenance company can help you make sure that your lawn will survive the coming winter and come out thicker and more lush in spring. We also have some plans to rid it of weeds and pest for the long-term; read on to find out what you can expect.
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Seeding and Feeding For The Best Autumn Lawn Care

If you’re a homeowner and live in the Nashville TN area (or Brentwood, Belle Vue, or West Meade, for that matter), you’re probably wondering how the fall season is going to treat your lawn. Most owners will simply resign themselves to the idea that there isn’t much they can do in terms of lawn service during autumn – just leave it to the rain to water the grounds, while they enjoy football season. Indeed, you don’t need to do anything yourself – leave it Turf Clips to seed and feed your turf this season. We are a professional lawn care service and have got all the best insights for your lawn, as the temperature gets chillier and the weather becomes rainy.
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Bug-Free: The Importance of Deterring Insects from Your Lawn

Summer is over and a lot of homeowners will be heaving a sigh of relief, knowing that the season that brings on veritable bug invasions to their lawns has ended. Insects of all kinds are one of the biggest threats to lawns around the United States and it seems that they’re becoming more adaptable and more difficult to get rid of each summer. Their attacks on grass, bushes, trees, and flowers can become very damaging, if they manage to disrupt the natural development cycles of the living organisms on your lawn.
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5 Lawn Care Myths You Need to Stop Believing Today

In spite of the growing popularity of lawn care services, some homeowners still believe that the best way to take care of their lawns is to do it themselves. The experts at Turf Clips have identified this as the number one most widespread myth regarding lawn maintenance and have debunked it for us, alongside with other popular, yet unfounded half-truths about what’s best for one’s lawn.
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4 Important Reasons to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

A healthy lawn is certainly an important aspect in the life of any homeowner. Lush green turf makes a property attractive and is a reason to boast: your home is getting attention for how well manicured and properly trimmed the grass looks. Yet the importance of keeping one’s lawn healthy transcends the life of any one individual property.
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3 Things Your Lawn Needs to Stay Healthy

If you live in Tennessee and own a home with a lawn, you are probably wondering what you can do in order to make sure that lawn stays healthy, green, and lush. The lawn maintenance experts at Turf Clips have a few tips for you – with the amendment that all good lawn care strategies start from the same couple of essentials.
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I Still Love Rolling in My Synthetic Chemical Lawn

Often the argument for not switching from synthetics to organics is: “I grew up playing on chemical fields and lawns and I’m still alive, so what’s the problem?” If you feel this way, our turf program may not be for you. However, we still would love to work with you on all of your other lawn and landscape needs.

Are You a Pest?

We fancy pests as any living organisms that interfere with the purposes or management objectives of your lawn and landscape, or that jeopardize human health or safety. When wanting to rid oneself of a pest, ask “is this jeopardizing my safety.” Zach is not a fan of mosquitos—they absolutely love him. Considered a pest in his view, Turf Clips offers mosquito spray service.

Synthetic Chemicals (yuck)

When we refer to “synthetic chemicals” at Turf Clips, we mean anything containing chemicals, no matter if it is from nature or the laboratory. Many are synthesized from oil. These products overlook their effects on soil, water, and air quality. Synthetic chemicals often treat symptoms of plants instead of the underlying cause of the issue. Pure chemicals use will make soil less nutritious, and lessen plants ability to access nutrition. Both soil and plants therefore become increasingly dependent on the chemical fertilizers. Just like a drug addict.

Myths of Synthetic Chemical Lawns

• All Pesticides are Approved by EPA for Safety
• If you don’t know what it is or what impact it could have on you, your family and environment, should you purchase it?