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What’s Happening in My Soil

When an organic product like compost top dressing is applied on top of your lawn, microbes (microscopic organisms) in the compost break down organic matter and minerals making nutrients available to plants. Essentially, one organism will consume another organism. As they consume each other (don’t feel sad, it natural for them to eat each other), they release excess nitrogen directly to the grass plant. This is the self-sustaining soil we build for you.

What We Apply

Some of the organic materials and products we use are: compost (often used as a top dressing), compost tea (liquid concentrate compost), corn gluten (weed control), mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed, kelp, humates, and lime.

Myths of Organic Lawns

• Too Expensive
• Full of Weeds
• Does Not Work
• Higher Labor Costs
• No Chemicals = Grub & Insect Issues
• Turf Areas are Filled with Bare spots
• Is Not Science Based
*Remember, our ultimate goal at Turf Clips is to build a trusting relationship with you so other priorities can take the place of lawn worries.

Cultural Practices

Following proper cultural practices is as important to establishing a healthy lawn and landscape as applying organic materials. For each property we service, we design a unique strategy for mowing, managing irrigation and watering systems, aeration (maybe the most important service we provide), seeding and over seeding, thatch control (in most cases using compost top dressing), and weed mitigation.

Why be organic?

“Because I love worms!” Ha ha, great minds think alike… Worms are our great natural soil aerators. They have a hard time surviving in chemical laden soil. Also, using organic materials improves life, both above and below ground in your landscape. They help us build a stronger, more sustainable lawn and landscape that is more resistant to disease, drought, and pests. And organics are safe for you, pets and animals, and plants at all times.

What is “Organic”

When we refer to “organic” at Turf Clips, there are two things we consider.

• Soil amendments and materials applied to your soil must be derived from plants, animals or minerals.
• Our actions are considered for their impact on your soil, water, and air quality and the health of earth in general.

Get Your Health On

In 2005, there was also a company concern for the health of employees applying the synthetic chemicals, our clients and their children that played on the lawns we maintained. Together with parents of young children, we share a visceral feeling and urge to protect them as one of the strongest human instincts we have. Turf Clips uses organic products and proper cultural practices to satiate this urge.

Our Turf Program

We create natural lawns and landscapes, using organic applications, so soil can return to its natural state. In 2005, we started using organic materials instead of synthetic chemicals. We found that synthetic chemicals caused us to react to lawn issues, rather than fixing issues in order to prevent the problems from arising over and over again. At Turf Clips, we follow a self-sustaining ideology versus constant manipulation of nature.

Turf Clips Launches New Website!

We are very happy to announce the launch of our new website design. Turf Clips has grown and so has our client list. To better support our current and future customers, we have create a new site design that will make it easier to find the information you are looking for as well as making it easier to schedule lawn care or landscaping services.

We hope you enjoy the new site. Feel free to peruse our pages and contact us if you have any questions or concerns. For convenient service requests, try our new Free Estimate form.