If there’s one thing you must say about Nashville people and their homes it is that they really take pride in their lawns. How can they not when taking great care of lawns and gardens will only add to the beauty of the city and neighborhood? Spring has arrived and with it the need to invest some time in lawns, because winter will really leave behind true lawn mayhem: sticks, stones, dried leaves, weeds and grass grown in patches. A little spring clean-up is absolutely necessary!

Spring is all about vibrant colors, fresh greens and wonderful flowers and any self-respecting lawn must include all of these and more. Sure, you could plant some flowers and get your grass in shape, but do you think that’s enough? Doesn’t a great lawn imply so much more than mowing the grass and planting a couple of flowers? We believe it does and if you do too, then it’s time to call professionals to whip your lawn into shape and what better lawn professionals in Nashville than Turf Clips?

The most important step that our lawn professionals will take, aside from pruning branches, is to fertilize the soil of your garden and lawn. How else are you going to get your grass to grow and flours to thrive? After a long winter, the soil needs nutrients and vitamins to produce the plants and lush grass that will enchant your Nashville view all summer long.

Another very important aspect in having a picture-perfect lawn is weed control. Turf Clips professionals know how to approach those pesky dandelions and crabgrass so that they don’t bother you for the rest of the season. Weeds can really take control of your lawn in a matter of days and getting rid of them can be a Herculean task that.

Turf Clips Professional Landscaping in Nashville

With this in mind, choose Turf Clips professional landscaping and let your lawn and garden live up to its potential. Let the Turf Clips pros do so much more than mow your lawn; let them be in charge of fertilization, mulching, aeration, pruning, irrigation and even mosquito control. Did you now that irrigation is a vital aspect of lawn care, one that is so poorly understood by the majority of homeowners? Watering isn’t just hosing your lawn down every day, it should involve sprinklers, timers and accessories that will help create a lovely landscape and also reduce water waste. Turf Clips will do all that for you and your lawn.

Has your lawn been neglected for so long that you don’t know where to begin? Have you moved into a new home and the lawn needs to be completely redesigned and renovated? Then we suggest you choose Turf Clips lawn professionals this spring to do the work for you! Why not leave it to professionals to transform your lawn into something spectacular that will make people stop and take notice? Why do the dirty work yourself, when there are others prepared to do it for you? Others who are trained and ready to put in the hours so that your lawn will be green, lush and amazing.