Bed Mulching & Maintenance

Your landscape maintenance needs are taken care of with a spring cleanup, fall cleanup, monthly maintenance, and colorful seasonal flowers.  We customize your landscape maintenance service by performing a site analysis in person and work with you to satisfy your needs.

A landscape clean up is typically performed in the spring and fall.  If you have waited and it’s summer or winter, we can still perform a clean up for you .  A clean up includes:  removing bed weeds, mulching beds, pruning bushes and flowers as needed, and removing debris.

Monthly maintenance keeps your landscape looking good all year long!  We come once a month and perform a mini landscape cleanup.  If you can’t stand the sight of a weed, try our weekly or bi-weekly maintenance service.

If you are looking for colorful seasonal flowers, or want a bush or tree planted, we can help you choose options that work best for you.  Adding seasonal color around entrances to your property, like driveways and sidewalks, can be very welcoming and visually pleasing.  We even design planters for your home’s entrance, porch and deck.

Edible landscapes can be fun and rewarding.  Add color and interest to the landscape with an apple or pear fruit tree.  If you enjoy even lower hanging fruit, add a fruiting shrub to your landscape like thorn less blackberries and blueberries.

Landscape Cleanup Consists of…

Remove Weeds…If you like picking weeds, call us and you are hired!  We remove all weeds from mulched beds.  Usually we remove weeds by hand, but sometimes we will burn, solarize (suffocate weeds and weed seeds for three weeks by covering them with a plastic liner) or spray them topically with a natural weed mitigating solution.  No matter the method used, we keep you weed free.

Beds Mulched…What hardwood mulch do you think looks good and offers a more natural looking landscape?  Pine mulch wins us over.  Pine mulch often reduces the frequency of flower bed maintenance by holding weeds back and breaking up heavy soil.  It even retains moisture during droughts helping to keep bushes and plants healthy.  Most of the mulch we apply is in the spring to get ready for summer and in the fall (typically after leaves are removed from beds) to get ready for winter.

Compost used as mulch improves soil quality helping your bushes and flower flourish and burst with color all season long.  Or we can apply compost just around bushes and flowers underneath the hardwood mulch of your choice.

Debris Removal…Before we mulch, we will remove any debris not needed in your landscape.  For instance, trash blown onto your property and fallen tree branches are removed.  Additionally, mulch can build up around the base of plants putting them at risk.  If this occurs, we will remove the old mulch before applying new mulch.

Bush Pruning…Depending on the time of the year, certain plants and bushes need to be trimmed and pruned.  Proper pruning helps keep plants healthy, blooming to their fullest capacity and prevents overcrowding in the landscape.  For more information, refer to our Bush Pruning page.

Soil Fertilized…Feeding the soil with compost in turn feeds the bushes and flowers.  Plants thrive from the compost mulch applied, but some may need a little extra love and care.  So we apply fertilizers at certain times of the year specifically for those plant types.