It’s not as hard as it seems to have a flourishing, vibrant lawn. Anyone can grow their lawn into an enviable wonder by following a smartly planned lawn care routine. Here is a small list we’ve comprised on what you can do in spring to lay a better foundation for your lawn.

First of all, keep in mind that these spring months (and also June, a month of early summer) are the time most suitable for giving your lawn extra attention that will have effect immediately, since during these months the grass experiences its biggest growth boost.

This growth boost is due to the terrific combination of wet and sunny days that will keep pouring all through spring. For your part, this is the time to act for optimizing your lawn’s premises to thrive.

One thing to pay attention to is the height at which to cut the grass in order to not hinder its future growth or make too much room to weeds. The ideal cutting height really depends on the grass species, so just ask your lawn care provider for the details before mowing away.

Anyway, for the first cut of the year, you should scalp the lawn (which means cutting the grass really short, in order to aerate better and discard the brown old grass of previous seasons). Scalping will also promote faster growth and greater thickness over potentially thinned areas. Our readers and clients in Brentwood TN, Green Hills TN and from the Nashville area particularly have often complained about bald lawn areas occurring often. Scalping and aerating is the best way to advert such unpleasantness.

Also, besides finding out the exact height at which it’s optimal to cut the grass, you should prepare to aerate the soil. Core aerating is a technique that enables a machine to extract small soil cylinders from the ground from place to place, thus creating better access to water and air for the grass roots. In turn, this greater access will speed growth, promote thickness and generally contribute to better lawn health on the long term.

For an optimal spring start in your yard, you should contact your lawn service provider and ask to know you type of grass, the height it should be cut at, and also ask for help with core aerating. Your lawn will then be enviable when the warm season hits full swing.

For help and professional lawn care service in Nashville, Brentwood TN, Belle Meade TN, Sylvan Park TN, West Meade TN, Green Hills TN, Oak Hill TN, Forest Hills TN and Bellevue TN, please contact us. We’d love to take care of your lawn.