Most property owners share the desire of having a well-maintained, healthy lawn. However, this is not a cheap asset, especially if the services are supplied by a professional lawn care company. Typically, the necessary budged ranges from $4,000 to $6,000, but it can raise even higher, depending on various aspects and characteristics of the soil and plants.

Still, experts in lawn care Nashville, TN residents turn to, homeowners can take care of their lawns by themselves, which means that professional lawn services are not always mandatory. Research is the key, hence applying the following tips shared by professionals will help you reduce your landscaping budget, while also owning a truly eye-catching garden.

  1. Fertilize just as needed – Quite often, property owners tend to fertilize too much; additional to the high costs, this procedure can lead to negative results. When the pH level of your soil is good enough (which means 5.5 or higher), there’s really no need to fertilize. The smartest move would be to have your soil tested at first – this will determine whether it actually needs such frequent fertilizing.
  2. Use natural fertilizers as opposed to chemicals – If possible, try to use as much homemade substances as you can for your fertilizing efforts. Compost made of ingredients in your kitchen and bathroom are always preferable to chemical products. Another method consists of simply leaving the grass clippings on your lawn after mowing. Not only will these DIY natural alternatives to industrial fertilizers save valuable amounts of money, but they will also act as weed control agents
  3. Get rid of all that may attract pests – Professionals claim that gardens of pest attractants  and ridding lawns will give both bugs and rodents fewer possibilities to build homes. Pests are dangerous as they can compromise the general health of your property, also posing risks. Again, this pest control method will save you a significant amount of money.
  4. Reduce the size of your lawn – An intelligent way to save water, hence money, is to cut down on the size of your yard. You can achieve this by creating several flower beds filled with hardy shrubs and/or flowers that require little watering. According to professional landscapers, the initial time and money investment required by this strategy will easily be recouped after one season.
  5. Do not mow the grass lower than three inches – Homeowners can save water as well as time by allowing grass to grow taller. At a height above three inches it will require less watering, while maintaining its green shade during dry seasons.

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