We all fantasize about having a lawn as breath-taking as a few famous green patches which seem to be branded into the conscience of every American. The south lawns of the White House, the immaculately kept lawn of the Biltmore Estate, the beautiful tree-lined walk of the historic Oak Alley Plantation – all of these lawns are wonderful inspirations for any home owner. But unfortunately, not every home owner who dreams big for their lawn has an army of underlings especially committed to the perfect lawn care. Until that dream comes true, here are a few tips to follow instead, that can bring your lawn at least some steps closer to that ideal.

1. Pick the right turf.

From afar it may seem like all species of grass look the same, but a closer inspection will reveal that they are actually quite different. Those differences show in a small way as far as appearances go, but in a major way when it comes to the specific needs of the grass, including how much water it requires, the specific vulnerabilities to certain types of disease, the ideal cutting height and so on. Lawn care Bellevue TN experts emphasize this point a great deal: know more about each kind of grass before deciding it’s the best to plant on your lawn.

2. Cut the grass at the right height.

This brings us to the next piece of advice: since grass species differ, that means the ideal cutting height for each varies as well. Some home owners who do their own mowing tend to be over-zealous and cut too much or too often, while others tend to neglect the mowing until the grass becomes withered and nourishing substances penetrate the soil harder. On the other hand, our lawn care Bellevue TN experts do encourage you to allow the grass to grow a bit taller, but only under strict supervision. The height of the grass has the advantage of weeding out unwelcome plants naturally, as well as protecting the soil during particularly hot summers.

3. Go organic.

Besides replacing artificial or harmful chemicals with eco-friendly variants, there is also another solution for going as organic as possible, one which is often looked over. It’s simple: just don’t throw away the clippings left behind from lawn mowing, or instruct your lawn maintenance company to do the same. Those vegetal remains contain precious nutrients which return to the ground if your leave them where they are.

4. Water smarter.

The grass’s roots can go as far in as 6 inches – but the usual watering style of most owners don’t allow for a deep hydration of the soil. If you want to make sure those roots receive the moisture they need, water less often, but deeper. This way, the grass and plants on your lawn will be in a better shape on the long run.

These tips were brought to you by our lawn care Bellevue TN experts. For any issues related to lawn care, don’t hesitate to give us at Turfclips a call. We’re simply the best. Our additional service areas include Nashville, Brentwood TN, Belle Meade TN, Green Hills TN, Oakville TN and many others.