Why would you need a lawn care company working on your Brentwood TN property anyway? After all, you don’t have to have a lawn mowing company coming in everyday to keep the turf looking spic and span, right? Well, the reality is not quite like that. Hiring expert lawn maintenance providers would ease you of the burden of caring for the lawn yourself. This would give you more free time, to focus on other choice, or simply to spend with your near and dear ones. At the same time, it would keep your turf healthy and lush, which can provide ample air conditioning-like cooling advantages during the hot summer months.

Last, but definitely not least, hiring a lawn service company will mean getting a lot more done for your turf than mere mowing. Genuinely efficient lawn maintenance providers, such as our team here at Turfclips, are well versed in the finer aspects of the business. They handle fertilization and aeration, and are also familiar with the specific soil and climate conditions in Belle Meade TN, Nashville, Green Hills, Nashville TN and beyond. If you want to make sure you’d be making the best possible financial investment into selecting the right lawn care Brentwood TN provider for your needs, read on for a three question checklist. Before signing a contract with any particular company, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are they qualified?

Qualifications, training courses, and certificates speak volumes about how committed a particular company is to the lawn care trade. The top players in the field have an agronomist overseeing their work, with a background in a specialized field such as horticultural management or arboriculture. This means the company is able to meet any of your lawn care and landscaping demands, whether they concern flower bed maintenance, or tree and shrub fertilization.

Another important aspect in this sense is that the lawn service you opt for takes care to constantly train its technicians. Lawn maintenance is a constantly evolving field, which is why a life-long learning approach works best for companies that want to stay competitive. No matter how skilled or experienced a lawn care expert might be, they need training to stay on top of their game.

2. How long have they been in the Tennessee lawn care industry?

As a general rule of thumb, in business as well as in life, any company that has proved it’s got staying power has probably achieved this by delivering quality services and products to its customers. Companies that have longevity are trustworthy, more often than not – but it’s also worthwhile to research their background. Have past customers lodged any complaints against them? What are their reviews like, on average? Company history and reputation are two determining factors in choosing the best lawn care company in Nashville, Sylvan Park, Nashville TN, and the surrounding area.

3. Do they offer any guarantees for their work?

Guarantees for customers satisfaction are telling – but make sure they’re for real and not just marketing devices meant to lure you into a contract. The best lawn service providers in the business will guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with the way they handled soil aeration or fertilization for you, for instance, they will return and redo the treatment, within a given span of time, entirely free of charge.