Caring for a lawn as much as it needs to make it into the beautiful oasis it should be is no easy thing, as every home owner is well aware of. Most people don’t have the time to learn everything required, or don’t have the physical capacities or time needed for it. That’s precisely why most of the time, when it comes to ensuring proper lawn care, Bellevue TN Residents leave it to a team of professionals who are better equipped for the job. But when your lawn is damaged and needs more than the basic mow and go, things may become problematic. For this situation, our experts offer you some advice on how to develop the best repair and reconstruct approach, to make sure your lawn will not be in danger of dying again.

According to our lawn care Bellevue TN experts, the first step you need to take in order to repair and heal your lawn is to determine what damaged it in the first place. Most of the time, it isn’t really about bad will or neglect on behalf of the owner, but about undetected problems with the soil’s chemistry or some unintended lawn care mistakes. To correct the cause and start over, you should first employ a team of specialists to determine what the cause was, starting with performing some soil tests.

For example, our local experts say a common problem with the soil in the Bellevue area is the high amount of clay in it, which leads to a very compacted texture and a poor circulation of water and nutrients to the grass’s roots. Once you perform some soil tests and see what the deal is, there are three possible ways you can then proceed: over-seeding, keeping the existing grass, or replacing the lawn completely, depending on the gravity of the situation.

If there are no problems with the soil and the fault was lying elsewhere, then the easiest option is to over-seed, after preparing the terrain by cutting some slits on the lawn and dethatching. If there are some mild problems with the soil, then you can treat it by core aeration and enriching it with the required substances. But if the problems with the soil are severe, then you may have no choice but to remove the existing lawn completely: first by taking out the grass, and then by also applying some herbicides to deal with any perennial weeds. Then, the soil needs to be improved by mixing compost or peat into it, after the proper dethatching and aeration.

Our lawn care Bellevue TN experts agree that a damaged lawn can be nursed back to health if you apply modern means to analyze the causes of the damage and to neutralize them afterwards. But in order to ensure a good job and to prevent making the same costly mistakes in the future, you need to hire a reputable lawn care service company, to make sure they really know what they’re doing.

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