Winter may be an amazing season for us humans, but it can often take a heavy toll on plants, flowers, and grass. That’s why our lawn care Nashville range of services includes dedicated solutions for lawn and landscape protection during winter. We want your turf to benefit from the healthy development that winter can spur on, instead of coming out at the other end looking damaged and diseased. Here are some of the solutions we use, in order to make sure your shrubs, trees, bushes, and flowers, are as protected from winter damage as possible.

How we avoid winterkill in trees and shrubs

Paradoxically, although it’s winter, your trees are still susceptible from being scalded by the light of the sun; the low temperatures can also cause the tree bark to crack as thermometers dip below freezing point. In order to save the trunks of your trees from the damaging effects of sunscald and frost, our lawn care Nashville team can paint them with a special, protective and deflective coat of white latex, especially on the side of the trunk that faces south or southwest. This way, the bark on the tree trunks will be less sensitive to sudden onslaughts of warmer weather, or unexpected frosty spells. We can also cover your tree trunks in paper or other thermally protective materials, if latex paint is unappealing to you.

Trees and shrubs that are pruned in fall are more sensitive to being damaged by frost. This is why we prune them in mid-spring. Also, to avoid the damaging effects of leaf scorch, winterburn, and leaf blight, in late autumn we make very sure we’re watering them profusely. Our teams ensure that the water seeps deep into the soil, as proper irrigation helps them develop a more powerful root system for winter.

Another plight of lawns and landscapes in Nashville, come winter time, is rabbit attacks. We can safeguard your trees and shrubs against rabbits by wrapping their trunks in plastic collars or hardware cloth. Upon your request, we can also spray the bottom part of their trunks with substances that repel rodents, which are effective both against rabbits, as well as against meadow voles.

Keeping your evergreens safe in winter

Evergreens are particularly fragile and exposed to damage caused by ice and heavy snowfalls, not to mention the perils of winter desiccation. If there are evergreen plants on your lawn, we can take care of them by wrapping them in burlap or heavy twine. Of course, we don’t wrap them top to bottom, as we still want them to receive whatever natural sunlight is available to them in winter, so we leave an opening at the top.

Winter protection for perennials

Like evergreens, perennial plants also tend to be susceptible to damage caused by frost heave. If you want our lawn care Nashville teams to protect your perennials for winter, then have us come in after the ground has frozen over; we’ll install a layer of mulch that’s about 2 to 2.5 inches thick. This way, the soil will maintain its constant cool temperature, keeping your plants protected against sudden changes in temperature, be they warmer ones or freezing ones. Mulching also helps perennials develop deep root systems.

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