Plan on putting your home up for sale on the property market any time soon? Then you’d better start investing in good quality lawn care – if you haven’t already. As any real estate broker will tell you, a well-manicured lawn will significantly boost the curb appeal and overall value of your property. Homeowners have always enjoyed spending quality time outdoors, enjoying a garden party, a barbeque, a pool-side party, or just a fun time watching their kids and pets romping and frolicking about. So, where’s the catch?

The problem with lawn maintenance is that it requires a massive time, energy, and financial investment. From spring and fall leaf cleanups to lawn mowing, fertilization, watering, and weed control, you’re going to want to take good care of that lawn. Otherwise, you’ll achieve just the opposite effect. Instead of increasing the value of your property, you’ll diminish it. not that anyone expects you to do all that work yourself. By all means, calling on lawn care experts is the best solution your money can buy. However, a bit of DYI lawn maintenance tips and tricks will probably also come in handy. Check out some advice from our Turf Clips experts right below!

The absolute essentials: Watering and mowing

Knowing how and when to water and mow your lawn is the cornerstone of good lawn care. When done improperly, both these things can leave your turf exposed to weed and pest infestations, as well as to other sources of damage and disease.

First off, never water your lawn in the evening, because the water will just accumulate and pool over the thatch at night, which is propitious for diseases – but not much else. Water in the morning and take care to create a deep watering schedule based on the climate particularities in your area. There really is no point in watering the lawn every single day in most areas around the U.S. (save for the really droughty ones). For instance, one typical watering schedule in temperate areas is once every 3 days in July-August and once every 6 days in September.

As for mowing, make sure to never shear off more than one third of the height of the grass blade. If you cut too much, you’ll leave the soil and grass root systems exposed to direct sunlight, which would, in turn, encourage weeds to set up home there.

When to call in the lawn care experts

Some homeowners, especially those who have a green thumb, can find it extremely pleasurable to care for their own lawns. Not only is it instantly rewarding, but you also get the benefits of a full workout. However, certain lawn aspects of lawn maintenance are best handled by the professionals. These include landscaping, re-seeding, and any operation that entails the use of chemicals substances, such as weed control and fertilization.