Lawn care in Brentwood, TN is usually viewed as an important part of peoples’ lives in these parts, as no land owner can be more proud when their lawn and outdoor landscape reaches its seasonal full potential of beauty, health and glorious looks. And no responsible land owner in Brentwood will ever settle for a dry looking lawn, with bald spots, unhealthy turf, weed infestations or pests’ attacks. Seeding new grass seeds is a regular task and even a challenge, for it seems the lawns in Brentwood compete for beauty awards and prizes, but new grass seeds plantation has also a few fundamental principles which, if not followed, can lead to disappointing results. Let’s see four basic lawn care seeding principles to take into account if you want your lawn in Brentwood to win the contest for “Best Lawn” in the area.

1. Information is the key to success

There are countless of web resources, coming from authorities and specialists, which teach you how to match the type of grass seeds you want to plant with the best environmental conditions, timing, soil types and weather forecast. These tables and charts are indeed helpful, but they can also look complicated to the inexperienced lawn owner. If you want to bypass all these complications, read the following guidelines, which teach you when to plant new turf seeds depending on the weather conditions in your region so your lawn can get the richest green look and strength.

2. Book your summer for holidays, not for lawn care

You’d be tempted to think summer is the best time of the year to plant new seeds, but you’d be mistaking. The hot season can show up with extremely high temperatures which in turn will bound you to the lawn, as you’d have to daily water the new seeds in order for them to survive and take root. If you are up to the task of keeping the soil moist at all costs, you are not safe still, as summer is also the season of numerous weeds and pests which can endanger the growth of new grass, as weeds might mess around with the roots, suffocate the grass, and feed on the nutrients and so on. And since summer is for vacationing, put your mind off your lawn for now.

3. Enjoy the winter holidays as well

Lawn care in Brentwood needs to respect the climacteric and the weather conditions and winter is not a good season to plant anything, let alone new grass seeds. Extreme temperatures, freezing, blizzards and snow are only a few threats you might expose the new grass seeds to and the effort isn’t worth it, not to mention the results can get more than disappointing.

4. Lawn care in spring and fall, Brentwood’s pride and joy

The best seasons to plant new grass seeds and give your lawn a boost are early spring and autumn. Mild weather and appropriate climacteric and environmental conditions will endure a lush turf developing and growing, all healthy and thriving.