Lawn care in Green Hills, TN is usually the result of the owners’ responsibility and love for their outdoor landscape and the hard, professional work of lawn care specialists and service providers. Everybody knows that keeping a beautiful, healthy and sustainable lawn means making a contribution to the area’s gorgeous look and the environment’s health. However, sustainability means more than preventing disease, weeds and pests, lawn maintenance and using safe, custom – blended fertilizers or making sure nothing gets wasted in the waters or soil. In terms of sustainability, even if we talk about the main park, the school’s football field or the lawn of your neighbor, aeration is one of the prevention and intervention methods to date that ensures an oxygenated, healthy soil, for the thriving of strong, lush turf. People are not very fond of the aeration techniques, or its immediate messy results, put poking holes in the ground is a way to make sure your park, your play field, your picnic area and your lawn will reach their full potential.

Aeration in terms of compacted soil and giving your lawn its health back

Stepping on the lawn, playing football on a field or just walking through the park means people flatten the soil and get it more and more compacted. These are the lawns, the play fields and the parks for, but it’s not enough to apply lawn care best practices, to mow, water and fertilize the grounds, but also aerate them. Lawn care in Green Hills, TA usually includes aeration regularly, to release the pressure on the soil and give it back its oxygen and normal water circuit back, as healthy, strong turf needs both air and water deep to the root system. A soil that suffocates the grass will allow to disease to spread, weeds to attack and grass to dry or get vulnerable to physical damage. Aeration slackens off the soil, thus providing the grass room to breathe and thrive.

Aeration in spring and fall does wonders to your lawn

Agronomists and lawn care experts recommend aeration with a twice – a year regularity, in the mild seasons, but won’t scald you for calling them in case you feel the lawn needs more aeration sessions or that the turf is still ill – looking. Whatever lawn care troubles you face, applying a lawn care program in Green Hills, including regular aeration is the wise thing to do, especially if your lawn is constantly stepped over in recreational purposes.

Contacting your local lawn care service provider is the best choice for following the sustainability principles and making sure your patch of green stays healthy and thriving for many years to come.