Lately, there has been an increasing in the number of households looking at their lawns and gardens in a different way than before. The purpose of the green space around the house is no longer limited to aesthetics; it has also garnered the function of providing sustainable living. After First Lady Michelle Obama introduced the concept of “kitchen garden”, a big movement has developed in the United States; nowadays, many American families have added a new purpose to their landscape – not only does it have to be visually pleasing, but it also needs to be able to yield food if needed.

In spite of being a highly popular concept, this “functional garden” idea cannot always be executed properly. Many homeowners are also afraid that a vegetable patch might decrease the property’s aesthetic value. Professional landscaping, however, eliminates this problem, proving that even vegetables can have quite a decorative look. Along with the fact that they provide a boost of color, their unusual shapes can enhance the dimensions of your garden in an original way.

Within this transitional process, fertilization is a key requirement, professionals in lawn care Nashville, TN say. Since you intend to grow various types of edible plants, it can be expected that they will have different nutritional and maintenance needs. A professional horticulturist will be able to provide you proper advice on ensuring a well-balanced growth of both grass and different other plants in your garden. Additionally, getting information on pest prevention is essential. Typically, most pests are attracted to mono-cultures, hence a garden containing a variety of plants will be spared of massive pest invasions.

Another recommendation of lawn care experts is to use grass clippings as a natural fertilizer for your herb and vegetable beds instead of chemical products. You just have to make sure that these grass clippings do not contain any type of fungi and are also free from any insects that can affect the edible plants.

Fallen fruits and vegetables, should not be consumed; yet, in case you wish to absolutely prevent wastage, set a specific time for “harvesting” and create a special corner where you can clean and store all the edible plants you have reaped.

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