Summer may still seem a long way away, but you know that you need to strategize in advance, if you don’t want your lawn and landscape to suffer from the heat. Insofar as helpful tips for cleverly managing your lawn this hot season, our experts recommend:

  • Adjust your budget for more greenery. A larger lawn will cool down your property more efficiently, but it will also require more maintenance.
  • Be prepared for higher expenses for watering the lawn, since you don’t want it to end up dehydrated.
  • Help the root systems of the grass grow by adding more tonics, which can work wonders even at high temperatures.

But, after all the above has been said and done, there’s one alternative to enhancing your garden this summer without spending more on turf and watering. To boot, you’ll also be making the lawn more colorful and forego the need for frequent watering and profuse fertilization. Our Turf Clips experts recommend that you actually reduce the space that the greenery takes up, by adding a few pops of color here and there, with the aid of flowerbeds.

Such a move will, indeed, entail a bit of expenditure on redesigning the lawn, but if you approach the situation from a longer term perspective, you will realize you’ll actually be saving money on year round lawn care. Grass is not particularly resilient in the summer heat, while certain species of plants and flowers have been known to thrive even in such extreme conditions. Here are our experts’ top recommendations for beautiful blooms this summer – and they all love the heat:

Angelonias Serena

These beautiful blooms can enhance the overall structure of your landscape and will bloom right when the heat spikes up.

Wendy’s Wish Salvia

Ever seen plants that bloom throughout the summer, even while others around them are withering away? Wendy’s Wish Salvia is one such bloom and in some cases it has even been known to bloom repeatedly, up to the arrival of winter. However, its wonderful magenta, purple, and fuchsia flashes of color will not return come the following spring.

Nirvana Cascade Pink Splash Vincas

Plant them in flowerbeds or in pots and watch how they fill up your landscape with an impressive array of blooms.

Lucky Lantanas

With these flowers, you can pick from a wide range of different colors. What’s more, you won’t need to worry about them spreading around, since they thrive in periods with little to no rainfall and high heat. Their colors are also quite eye-catching!

Azure Skies Heliotrope

Perhaps the most heat resistant of the plants on our list is this beautiful perennial bloom in suave lavender hues. It will continue to bloom all year round.