As we grow older we become more and more interested in our gardens, and homes. It is not uncommon for people to try to maintain a green, luscious lawn, especially if they live in Belmont, Sylvan Park, West Meade, or Oak Hill, where first impressions are extremely important. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to ensure the health and beauty of your lawn because it involves a high level of awareness regarding environmental concerns, plant and soil knowledge, and access to modern tools. All things aside, the biggest concern is the environmental one. Recent regulations prohibit the use of substances that might harm the environment, increase pollution, lead to water shortages etc., or tools with high greenhouse gas emissions. It’s easy to see how taking care of one’s lawn can become a source of guilt or stress.

Although there has been much heated debate on the subject of herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals which may backlash against the lawn altogether, and lead to adverse effects, our company is well aware of the positive effects of an environmentally friendly yard. For example, a well-kept lawn presents many environmental advantages such as combating soil erosion, decreasing air and water pollution, cooling the climate or collecting storm runoff. Belmont residents know that our technicians only work with the latest technologies, and certified equipment which are Eco-friendly. It is not only the equipment that helps us provide with environmentally responsible solution, but also our knowledge about lawn care. We know when to use our instruments, how to treat shrubs and plants, and where to concentrate our efforts.

Aeration is one of the most effective way of reinvigorating and fertilizing the soil, and it should be done at least two times a year. Nevertheless, one should be careful where aeration is concerned, so as not to harm the soil’s health and durability. The aeration process differs from a soil typology to another. Therefore, we will first assess the condition  of your yard and soil (frequency of watering, necessity of aeration, recommended fertilizers and pesticides) before applying specific interventions.

Mowing, aeration, fertilizing and watering are the most important concerns related to not only lawn care but also to the environment. When they aren’t done correctly they can present a major threat to lawn health, and ultimately result in money loss. Take mowing as an example. Most mower engines contribute significantly to greenhouse emissions. As a matter of fact, one hour of mowing is the equivalent of 11 cars running at the same time (mower emissions = 5% of allUS air pollution). Instead of trying to tend to your garden independently, and polluting air and water, you should ask a team of educated technicians for help. Our company is experienced with weed recognition, revitalizing lawn-health, eliminating pests, all with the help of certified fertilizers and pesticides.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your land, need help watering, fertilizing or mowing your lawn by following Eco-friendly principles all you need to do is give us a call. Turf Clips Naturally Responsible Lawn Care will offer you long-term packages in Oak Hill, West Meade, Belmont, Sylvan Park and other surrounding areas. Give us a call at 615-498-9748.