Lawn Fertilization

We maintain green and luscious lawns for your enjoyment.  Turf Clips offers a comprehensive lawn maintenance service consisting of soil testing, aeration, lawn fertilization, lawn over-seeding and sod installation, lawn mowing, irrigation and leaf mulching.  Lawn fertilization is an important part of establishing a green lawn for your enjoyment.

Lawn Fertilization helps establish a thick lawn that keeps your grass thriving and weeds out.  Turf grasses have high nutrient needs, quenched by organic matter and some minerals.  Humans need to add these nutrients, on top of what nature provides, for grass to thrive.

Turf Clips does not use synthetic nitrogen or quick fix synthetic chemical fertilizers on your lawn.

Alternately, we work to create life in the soil.  A lawn with high microbiology is a self-sustaining lawn requiring low levels of fertilizer applications and little manipulation from humans.  Leaning on composts, we are able to build thriving soil full of life and microbes.  In turn, your lawn is pops in rich, green color with little assistance from Turf Clips.  In the end, you will save money and have peace of mind knowing your lawn investment is safe and protected for years of enjoyment to come.

Frankly, we have learned that applying one organic product/application and expecting the lawn to be instantly fixed is denial of Mother Nature’s natural process and a waste of money, time and energy for everyone involved.  We realize money is precious these days and we work hard to keep communication clear so your expectations, needs and desires are satisfied.  We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.  Utilizing a prevention ideology, rather than reacting to lawn issues, we are able to grow grass and build soil that can regulate itself and prevent pest issues like weeds and insects.

An overall assessment of your lawn is performed with a soil test and site analysis.  Grass grown in healthy soil has the proper pH, is rich in microbial life and is resistant to drought, disease and insects.  Weeds show symptoms.  If you have weeds, your soil is out of balance and lacking in nutrient content.  Fixing soil composition allows for long term weed prevention.  Short term fixes, using synthetic chemical fertilizers, react to issues and will leave your lawn in a perpetual need for assistance from humans.  Is your lawn a drug addict?  Have you ever taken your lawn off of the drugs and noticed how quickly it starts looking bad?

Obviously, only you can decide what is best for you and your lawn, how you want it to look and the path for fulfilling this vision.  We can assist you in this process and help you have the lawn of your dreams.  You may not share our vision for lawn fertilization.  No worries.  We are happy to take care of your lawn and landscape with our other maintenance services.  Check out our services page!