Leaf Mulching & Removal

The best way to keep your lawn looking healthy the year round, in a completely natural and organic way, is to ask for leaf mulching services. Leaf mulching will help your lawn become more draught resistant, as the leaves will keep the soil humid even during the hotter months of the year. Mulching is a great option for lawns with few leaves, as it is far more cost efficient than leaf removal. To boot, it also helps homeowners save on irrigation costs, since the ground becomes more naturally moist.

In brief, mulching is the natural way to ‘feed’ nutrients into the soil beneath your lawn, without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Fallen leaves decompose in winter, creating a fertile environment for fungi and bacteria, and then feeding subterranean microbes in spring. Microbes help return nutritive substances into the ground, which, in turn, will nourish your grass, bushes, and trees.

Leaf Removal – For a Clean & Healthy Lawn

Leaf removal is perfect for properties that aim for that really clean, vacuumed look for their lawns. What’s more, it’s also very healthy for the grass itself. Fallen leaves that are left to decompose on top of the grass in winter will keep out the sun rays and oxygen the grass needs to survive. They will encourage the emergence of weeds in spring and will ultimately smother the lawn entirely. If your property is covered in leaves in fall, Leaf Removal combined with mulching can be the most effective and cost efficient route to a thriving, richly green lawn.

Turf Clips offers Leaf Removal & Mulching Services between the months of October and January. If there are a lot of dead leaves on your lawn, we can start removing them as soon as they begin to fall, in October, and use them for mulch. Then, our technicians can return in November, December, and January, to remove the bulk of the excess leaves. You will be saving both on leaf removal, as well as on fertilization if you choose this option. The benefits of mulching have been proven by numerous scientific studies, which attest to the improved aspect of mulched lawns.

When it comes to leaf removal and mulching, you, the client, get to decide how often you need such services. Turf Clips offers weekly, biweekly, and monthly service, as well as one-time jobs. We can save you the effort and back aches that DIY mulching and removal involve and you can take advantage of our cost-efficient offers. If you choose to Refer-A-Friend to Turf Clips, you will receive 20% off your leaf service when they make a purchase.