Leaves Fall in Nashville!

 OK, so it’s not new.  Leaves are going to fall here in Nashville over the next couple of months.  Really, why should you care?

I have to say that Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year in Nashville, TN.  Growing up here, I had many hardwood trees in and around my yard, and we have them all over our great city.  When the leaves begin to color and flash their brilliant colors, I can’t stop myself from simply staring, observing, looking, and soaking in the beauty.  Ah, but what to do when they fall down…?

My dad tells me that they used to burn some of the leaves and that the smell was awesome.  But putting smoke in the air is no longer a good idea; it is not something I am willing to do.

I love the leaves, and I like managing them after they fall.

I recommend several ways to deal with leaves.  When they just begin to fall, I like to mulch them with a good mulch mower.  Leaf mulching provides nourishment to the soil which helps the grass going into next year.  However, too much leaf mulching can begin to block the oxygen from getting to the soil, and this can smother or choke the grass.

I like to mulch as many leaves as I can, but when the volume gets excessively large, I like to do leaf removal, and do one of two things with them.  I sometimes put leaf removal in a compost pile located on the property.  Alternatively, I take leaves to the city compost dump where the city collects leaves, grass, wood, and other natural waste.  Here, they have huge compost piles that are turned back into mulch that can go onto your beds in the Spring to nourish and protect your plant material.  It is a pretty neat little circle of life!

When the leaves fall at your yard this year, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Happy Fall!