Properly caring for one’s lawn is no easy job, so please be assured that there will be no judging here. There are even a lot of mistakes made in lawn care by people who are supposed to be professionals – but we’re not so inclined towards leniency as far as they are concerned. Since there’s a lot of information going around about the basic dos and don’ts of lawn care, and many times this information seems to contradict itself, knowing what the right thing to do is can be tricky. This is why our lawn care Brentwood TN experts have put together this list of the common mistakes home owners make in their search for more beautiful lawns.


Your lawn does not require as much water as you think it does, and over-watering can be both harmful and a waste. You should talk to a lawn service company in order to perform some soil tests and get advice about how much watering you should actually do. The final result will depend on a lot of factors, ranging from those soil labs to the specific sun and shade conditions and the species of plants you’re hosting.


Fertilizing is important in order to make sure your grass receives the nutrients it needs to thrive, but applying too much fertilizer, or applying it at the wrong time can do more harm than good. These things shouldn’t be done following informal advice from a neighbor, but rather following a strict scientific plan, in order to prevent future lawn problems.

Choosing the wrong grass

They may all look the same to you, but there are actually a lot of species of grass used for lawn seeding, and they differ among them significantly. The differences can be observed upon a closer inspection, but the major differences which can impact your lawn care are the ones related to specific needs. When it comes to proper lawn care, Brentwood TN residents should take the grass type into account before deciding what nutrients to use and how to water.

Failing to prepare the soil

For optimal lawn care results, you should prepare the soil before any major operations and especially at the turn of seasons. Talk to a lawn service company you trust about performing tasks such as aeration or core aeration, mulching, site preparation and so on. Some soil tests should also be performed in order to make sure everything is alright. Think of the soil as the ultimate foundation for your lawn – if it isn’t healthy, then nothing growing on it can be either.

Over-mowing (or mowing too short)

Lawn care Brentwood TN experts warn that a healthy grass is a rather long grass, and over-mowing it can actually make the lawn more vulnerable to dryness, weeds and diseases. Longer grass is stronger and also creates a good environment for the lawn itself.

Allowing too much shade

It might seem like a very basic thing to say, but not everyone seems to be aware of it: plants need sunlight in order to thrive. Your lawn is no exception. Your lawn service company should apply some extra measures on the patches of lawn which are exposed mostly to shade.

These tips were brought to your by your local lawn care Brentwood TN expert, Turfclips. Whatever your lawn’s needs are, we’re the best providers you can find. Give us a call if you live in Brentwood or any of the surrounding areas, including Nashville, Belle Meade TN, Bellevue TN, Green Hills TN and so on.