Mosquito Control

Are you and your family ready to be out in the yard?!  What was that!?  What bit me?!  Is your yard plagued by the presence of mosquitoes?

We use cedar oil to repel the existing population and kill the eggs and larvae of  mosquitoes, chiggers, and fleas–we kill the eggs in the ground before they hatch.  Cedar oil is instantly safe for people, pets, the environment, and desirable vegetation.  It is safe to apply on your skin.  Your children and pets can go outside and play immediately after we’re finished spraying with no concern for health or safety.   WE DO NOT MIX OUR CEDAR OIL WITH ANY TOXIC CHEMICALS.  If someone tells you cedar oil does not work, then they don’t know how to properly treat your yard.

In our experience over the last six years of providing this service, no organic solution outperforms cedar oil in controlling mosquitoes, chiggers, and fleas.

We can handle any type of mosquito control situation, and with your input along the way, we create a treatment plan to address your specific yard.  We treat your entire property for the existing adult insect population.  Some service providers only treat around the house.

Cedar Oil creates a barrier of re-entry by repelling and deterring mosquitoes trying to migrate from areas outside the perimeter back into your property.  If adult mosquitoes will not enter the treated area, then they cannot lay any new eggs!

For best results, service begins in mid-April and ends at the end of October.  By beginning in April, we can stop the first population from being hatched in your yard.  We spray every two or three weeks and typically offer 10-14 treatments per season.  New eggs take approximately 21 days to hatch, so treatments every two to three weeks stays ahead of pest development.  Every property is different, and some properties require more frequent treatment than others.

Cedar oil poses no harm to the environment, pets, farm animals, water ways, soil, farms, crops, expecting mothers and their unborn child or infants and children.  So there is no need to worry about having to wash off cedar oil as soon as possible like traditional repellants require.  Additionally, you do not have to worry about small children putting hands in their mouths after you have sprayed them down or after we have sprayed your lawn with cedar oil.  Last of all, you do not have to worry about your pets ingesting cedar oil.  Whew, what a relief!!

Unlike some traditional mosquito sprays, cedar oil does not have the capability of dissolving plastics, rayon, spandex, other synthetic fabrics, and painted or varnished surfaces including nail polish.  Since toxicity concerns are eliminated, our team safely avoids having to wear full body chemical suits, boots, gloves, hats, respirators, etc. when spraying your property.

As a part of our mosquito control service, we spray your beds on the same visit.  We also spray under decks, porches, along fence lines and any shady or cool places where mosquitoes could be breeding.  Spraying fence lines and vegetation along property will create a border repelling mosquitoes from your neighbors’ property.  For optimum results, talk to neighbors around your house about using our mosquito service along with you.  We will spray everyone on the same day and increase the odds for eliminating mosquitoes.

Our treatment will resolve many other insect issues such as aphids and scale on plants, powdery mildew and all of the normal lawn fungal problems grassy areas experience.  It will even repel venomous snakes, rats and scorpions.  Cedar oil helps contain chiggers, mites, fleas, ticks, flies, no-see-ums, grubs, moths, ants, Japanese beetles, scorpions, roaches, carpet beetles, mole crickets, termites, box elder bugs, silver fish, palmetto bugs, lice and numerous other non-beneficial insects.

We know our product is safe and non-toxic.  We strongly encourage you to check the toxicity of any product you may select for treatment of your home and yard.

Regular treatments are the key to creating a pest-free environment, so you can enjoy being outdoors.  Each yard has slightly different needs, and we have package deals to suit any budget.  Call 615-498-9748 to have any questions answered or Request a FREE Estimate for your yard above.

We look forward to helping you enjoy being outdoors in your yard!