Summer’s almost here and your lawns and gardens are in need of some TLC in preparation for the hot season. We recommend you don’t attempt to do all the work yourself and choose lawn care professionals who will get the job done in half the time you would and with much better results. They’re professionals!

You could tire yourself mowing the lawn and watering your grass, sure, but having a great lawn implies so much more than that. So enjoy your weekends and let Turf Clips Nashville be in charge of your lawn and you will not regret it! We are serious about lawn care; our services also include: landscape maintenance, bed mulching and maintenance, bush trimming, lawn maintenance, aeration, lawn seeding, lawn fertilization, leaf mulching and removal, irrigation and even mosquito control. Everything you need to have a picture-perfect lawn!

How to Choose a Lawn Professional

The best piece of advice on how to choose professional lawn care is to always ask for references. We cannot highlight this enough! Before you trust anyone with your lawn, make sure you know everything you can about them, their former clients and their certifications. Don’t just blindly choose a company based on hearsay. When asked for certification and client references, true professionals will gladly comply.

When you have all the information you need, only then you can begin to do your research and see if they’re the right choice for you and your lawn. Did you know that only around 30% of landscape professionals manage to pass the difficult tests required to become certified? Certification means so much more than knowing the basics of lawn care and gardening, it implies the comprehensive study of native and imported plants, latest care methods and trends.

Turf Clips are true professionals! We are accredited organic land care practitioners who know how to identify a huge variety of plants, grasses and trees. We can diagnose and treat all the pests and diseases that attack your lawn and garden. We are up to speed with the latest planting and transplanting techniques. We know how to restore even the most damaged lawns! We have to know it, if we want to keep our spot as the company that offers one of the best lawn care and landscape services in Nashville, TN.

Turf Clips Nashville knows how overwhelming it can be for a homeowner to try to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn. We know exactly what your lawn needs and we can offer you the best products and services in the business. We like to establish a strong connection with our clients, we’re not just going to come in, do our job, ask for the bill and then leave, because proper lawn care requires much more than that.

We’re a name you can trust! Turf Clips is name you will recommend to your friends and family when you see the wonderful results we can accomplish!