What our years of experience in lawn service have taught us is that there is no such thing as a completely weed-free lawn. The only plants that are foul-proof when it comes to weeds are those that grow in a greenhouse. For the rest of them, good weed management is the only approach that works. The biggest problem with weeds is that they are aggressive and invasive – they can silently ruin a perfectly well manicured lawn before you even have the chance to realize what’s going on. So that’s why, in time, we at Turf Clips have developed the following five strategies for taking care of weeds.

Prevention is essential

The safest way to keep weeds from emerging is to check for signs of them. Once they’ve already emerged, it’s likely going to be difficult to keep their numbers under control, so be on the lookout for them at the beginning of their seeding cycle. To boot, it’s far easier to pull out or use weed control substances on a sprouting plant, than on a full lawn of fully grown weeds. In other words, take care of the problem before it becomes a problem at all.

Mulching is a great option

Mulch installation can provide an effective layer of protection against weeds. That’s why we use thick mulch, which makes it more difficult for weeds to come out through it. What’s more, mulch installation is a simple and rapid procedure, which takes virtually no extra time at all. However, bear in mind that some weeds can come out even through mulch – that’s why our teams will regularly check for any problems and pull out the weeds immediately.

Soil covers also work

If you decide against mulching, we can also protect your soil from the apparition of weeds by covering it up with textile or plastic meshes. The weed seedlings have a hard time breaking through them.

We know our weeds

Another advantage in choosing to contract Turf Clips for weed control services stems from our long-standing track record of providing lawn care in the area. Our technicians know what the most commonly encountered weeds are around here, can spot them, and handle them appropriately. What a homeowner might not know is that some weeds can re-grow or simply return to your lawn even after you’ve pulled them out and thrown them into the compost bin. That’s because a small part of them was not pulled out and has survived underground. Some, on the other hand, are more resistant to chemical substances than others. Our teams use a hands-on, tailored approach in dealing with each weed individually.

Weed-free lawns and gardens are far easier to maintain than those which haven’t been treated against weeds. They are sustainable and healthy, which is why Turf Clips takes great pride in the effectiveness of the weed control measures it implements.