If you’re a homeowner and live in the Nashville TN area (or Brentwood, Belle Vue, or West Meade, for that matter), you’re probably wondering how the fall season is going to treat your lawn. Most owners will simply resign themselves to the idea that there isn’t much they can do in terms of lawn service during autumn – just leave it to the rain to water the grounds, while they enjoy football season. Indeed, you don’t need to do anything yourself – leave it Turf Clips to seed and feed your turf this season. We are a professional lawn care service and have got all the best insights for your lawn, as the temperature gets chillier and the weather becomes rainy.

3 Reasons Why Autumn Is Perfect for Seeding and Feeding

  1. The weather is cooler, while the soil is still warm. This means the temperature is optimal for seeds to germinate, but that the colder air will help the roots grow stronger.
  2. There is plenty of dew and rain fall to help nourish the newly planted seeds.
  3. There’s still enough sunshine to help the grass grow until the end of the season. This means your lawn will be ready to face winter, emerge strong and lush in spring, and be better prepared for summer’s weed season.

Turf Clips’ 2-Step Plan to Fall Seeding

  • We begin seeding in Brentwood, Belle Meade, Sylvan Park and other towns in the area around Labor Day—give or take two weeks. This way, you can kick back and enjoy the holiday, while our lawn maintenance pros take care of seeding. It’s still warm enough outside for the grass to have time to develop stronger roots and research says grass that has been seeded and fertilized in the fall will grow up to 49 per cent stronger during the following spring.
  • After seeding comes an intensive irrigation period that our lawn service technicians will oversee until the newly seeded grass has grown up to 2 inches in height. This stage is important, as, otherwise, the seedlings have no chance to thrive and will simply dry out.

The Importance of Fertilization during the Fall

Some might wonder why fertilizing over-seeded lawns even matters – after all, the look of a lawn in autumn isn’t even that important. The advent of fall might spell the end of lawn season for you, but the professionals at a good lawn maintenance company like Turf Clips know that this period is very delicate for the grass. During the fall, the blades of grass begin storing the nutrients they will use up over winter, in order to emerge again the coming spring. That’s why our technicians will employ a two-stage fertilization process. The first fertilization usually takes place early on in the season, while the second occurs around Thanksgiving (roughly 6 to 8 weeks later).