Lawn Care

Turf Clips is serious about lawn care.  We pay attention to details while being reliable and prompt.  When our lawn artists are working on your lawn, the gates to your property stay closed, and your pets are kept safe inside.Your lawn mowing service includes:  trim carefully around trees and objects; edge along hard surfaces; clean up thoroughly after the job; blow off all hard surfaces.  Consistent, conscientious service ensures you do not have to worry about us.

We maintain an established schedule, and we remain flexible with your service to accommodate rain and excessively dry weather.  For example, if it rains excessively, we may wait a day or two to mow your yard.  Other times, we may go ahead and mow, so the yard does not grow out of control.  On the flip side, sometimes here in Nashville, TN in the Summer, we go several weeks with no rain.  If the grass is not growing, we do not mow.  Staying flexible with weather conditions ensures your yard always looks nice.  This flexibility provides the most cost efficient way to care for your yard.  We always use our best and most objective judgment regarding when to mow or not.  We are always open to your input for special requests you may have.

Customers may choose between having us mow their lawn on a weekly or biweekly basis.   You can also opt for a one-time job.  Monthly invoicing is available for regular customers.  Payment may be made via credit card or check–whatever is best or easiest for you.


Landscaping – Landscaping Maintenance

Our wide range of services covers everything you might need in order to keep your yard looking good throughout the year.  The work we perform ensures that you get the joy, soul, and peace that comes with a well-maintained yard.Services include:

  • Weed removal and mulching
  • Bush trimming
  • Seasonal flower planting services ensure that color brightens your yard and life all year long!
  • New landscape installation
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Sod installation
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Organic mosquito, chigger, and flea control
  • Bed edging
  • Plant fertilization
  • Other services outlined below on this page

Contact us any time of year.  A yard clean up usually includes several of the services listed above–weed removal, bed edging, mulching, stick and debris removal, and anything else that needs attention.  For example, depending on the time of year a clean up is performed, bush trimming may be part of the work.  Tell us what you want, and we’ll include everything in your estimate.

Some customers like a Spring clean up to launch into the outdoor season.  Others like a Fall clean up, so the yard looks great through the Winter.  Some customers like both so the yard looks great all year long.  New customers or those who miss Spring work have us come during Summer to get everything cleaned up.  Let us know what you want!

Monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly bed maintenance is available for customers who prefer to have things taken care of on a more regular basis.  The primary focus of this frequent service is removing bed weeds.  Do you know how to tell the difference between a plant and a weed?  If it comes out easy, it’s a plant!  OR…you could let us do it!

If you need help with a service that is not listed, check with us–we can probably help.


Lawn Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive package of organic lawn maintenance services–testing your soil for nutrients and fertility; aerating the yard to loosen soil and provide more oxygen to facilitate grass growth; fertilizing the soil; and providing annual lawn over-seeding.We also offer soil solarization and sod installation services.  Solarization is a chemical-free process that is the most effective way to kill all the weeds and weed seed in your turf.  Solarization kills seed to a depth of approximately eight inches.  No seed can survive below this depth.  When we install sod, we always recommend solaring your turf area first.  This ensures that existing weeds don’t come back to take over your new sod.

Other aspects of lawn maintenance are outlined throughout our list of services.  A general summary of lawn maintenance follows:

Aerating because compacted soil is the biggest enemy of healthy grass > Over-seeding to replenish the annual dying of turf grasses like fescue > Fertilizing to increase microbial activity in the soil which feeds your grass organically > Irrigation to protect your investment > Mowing  > Weed Control > Leaf mulching or removal to prevent smothering and killing your great grass.


Mosquito Control

OK, now you and I have got your yard looking great, and you and your family are ready to be out in it!  But what was that!?  What bit me?!  Is your yard plagued by the presence of mosquitoes?We use cedar oil to repel the existing population and kill the eggs and larvae of  mosquitoes, chiggers, and fleas–we kill the eggs in the ground before they hatch.  This substance is instantly safe for people, pets, the environment, and desirable vegetation.  Your children and pets can go outside and play immediately after we’re finished spraying with no concern for health or safety.   WE DO NOT MIX OUR CEDAR OIL WITH ANY TOXIC CHEMICALS.  If someone tells you cedar oil does not work, then they don’t know how to properly treat your yard.

In our experience over the last six years of providing this service, no organic solution outperforms cedar oil in controlling mosquitoes, chiggers, and fleas.

We can handle any type of mosquito control situation, and with your input along the way, we create a treatment plan to address your specific yard.  We treat your entire property for the existing adult insect population.  Some service providers only treat around the house.

Cedar Oil creates a barrier of re-entry by repelling and deterring mosquitoes trying to migrate from areas outside the perimeter back into your property.  If adult mosquitoes will not enter the treated area, then they cannot lay any new eggs!

For best results, service begins in mid-April and ends at the end of October.  By beginning in April, we can stop the first population from being hatched in your yard.  We spray every two or three weeks and typically offer 10-14 treatments per season.  New eggs take approximately 21 days to hatch, so treatments every two to three weeks stays ahead of pest development.  Every property is different, and some properties require more frequent treatment than others.


Lawn Fertilization

Many homeowners rightfully fear the synthetic chemicals that some contractors use for fertilization purposes.  These synthetic chemicals are causing many problems with drinking water and causing trauma for fish and other life that depends on clean water.Turf Clips uses organic products and methods for maintaining your lawn — they are instantly safe for you, your kids, and your pets.  We guarantee that our services are entirely free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides.   Eliminating these toxic items helps build a self-sustaining soil ecosystem for your lawn.

Weeds indicate the symptoms of a problem. If you have weeds, your soil is out of balance and lacking in nutrient content.  Chemically treated lawns are much like drug addicts:  they cannot survive and thrive without the chemicals injected into them.

The lawns we work on will continue looking better and better as the quality of your soil improves over time.


Bed Mulching and Maintenance

Mulching is an organic and natural way to keep your beds looking healthy and lush.  It also makes your overall landscape more visually appealing.  Turf Clips provides mulching services that will help you be worry free when it comes to bed maintenance.  We also remove weeds from existing mulch, trim bushes, add new mulch, and maintain the beds, bushes, and plants as needed.


Bush Trimming

Are the hedges, shrubs, and bushes on your property looking overgrown, tired, or diseased?  Turf Clips can restore your bushes while helping you protect your investment and keep your yard visually appealing.  If the neighbors are talking about you, we believe it will be in a good way!When setting up a schedule for bush maintenance, we make sure to discuss all details with our clients.   Your bush trimming wants and needs can be addressed monthly, quarterly, or on any schedule you desire.  You can even call for a one-off job.  Our pruning schedules are based on the flowering, fruiting, or growth habits of a plant.  For example, some bushes requiring pruning where other bushes can easily be sheared.  We share this information with you when coordinating our plan for your yard.



Do you know what happens to soil during the Fall and Winter?  Rainfall followed by freezing temperatures causes the soil to clump and become compacted.  Since grass roots can only grow in the spaces around particles of soil, compacted soil will not allow your lawn to thrive and develop properly in Spring.  We provide aeration services because we know that without aeration, then air, water, and nutrients cannot properly enter the soil to nourish the grass.We provide 2 aeration passes over each lawn as a single pass is insufficient to properly break up the soil and ensure optimum oxygen and water penetration.  We use a core aerator that takes about a 3 inch plug of soil out of the ground leaving it on the surface.  Fall aeration is of primary importance, and it occurs between early September and mid-October prior to over-seeding and fertilizing.  Spring aeration occurs between February and May.


Lawn Seeding

Is your yard showing bald spots and patches?  Do you know why?  With Turf Clips, we’ll get you answers that are based on science rather than on what service or product we want to sell.While it’s perfectly natural for any lawn to grow old, the process of lawn over-seeding will work much like an injection of youth into the natural aging process.  In reality, most of the grass we have in Nashville, TN is turf grass–usually some variety of fescue.  Up to 25% of fescue can die off every year leaving your yard patchy and looking old.  Over-seeding in the Fall is the only way to address this decline.  Side Benefit:  The best defense against lawn weeds is a thick, healthy stand of grass–so the key to getting rid of weeds the organic way is to crowd then out with a thick lawn.

The best time to over-seed is in the Fall because the new grass has several months to develop roots before Winter.  Further, when Winter soil temperatures are in the 50’s or higher, the new grass will continue to develop stronger and deeper roots.  This root development is important for young grass as it heads in to the first hot and dry Summer of its life.  For yards that are too sparse and bare, we offer Spring aeration, over-seeding, and fertilizing.

Want an established, thick lawn right away? No problem.  Turf Clips provides sod installation services.


Leaf Mulching and Removal

Falling leaves are a natural sight in fall – and the best part about them is that they can be employed to the advantage of your lawn.  Turf Clips can mulch the leaves to organically fertilize your lawn starting in October and going all the way into January for lawns with significant quantities of leaves.Some yards have an excessive quantity of leaves because of all the beautiful hardwood trees.  When there are too many leaves to mulch efficiently, then we offer leaf removal.  In this way, we can stop the leaves from choking or smothering your grass–or simply give your yard a clean, manicured appearance.  We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly service.  We can also perform a one time job.



We provide irrigation installation, so homeowners can protect the investment they make in plant material and grass.  We provide maintenance and repair services, so we can reduce the amount of money homeowners must spend for irrigation.  Inexpensive irrigation systems can often cost more to operate than they saved in the first place because they waste water, over water, and under water.  The biggest mistake most people make with regard to irrigation is over-watering.  Ask us to perform the Spring start up and Fall Winterization of your irrigation system, and we can help you eliminate these irrigation mistakes and expenses.Irrigation maintenance is effective in reducing water waste on your property. It also ensures that all plant material gets the appropriate amount of water.  For example, grass needs almost three times as much water as plant material.  If everything is watered the same, you are over-watering your plant material and perhaps under-watering your grass.  Properly designed systems such as those installed and maintained by Turf Clips use sprinkler heads and watering times tailored to work best in each area or zone within your unique lawn and landscape.

We perform system checkups during Spring startup and during Fall winterization.  The cost to repair any problems is in addition to the cost of start up or winterization.  How do you know you need irrigation repair?  If you see sprinkler heads creating a heavy mist in the air, hard surfaces being watered instead of your lawn and beds, standing water, or gushing water coming from a sprinkler head in the ground, then you need irrigation repair.  Give us a call, and we’ll take care of the problem for you!  Fixing irrigation problems almost always saves you money that can defray the cost of the repair.