We know it’s hard to find some easy to comprehend and straightforward tips for spring lawn care. While there are many experts out there, they rarely seem to agree on what to do. To make everything easier, we’ve streamlined the best approach to spring lawn care, according to Nashville area professionals.

1. The simplest part: just relax.

Your lawn was until recently frozen, so please consider giving it a bit of time to wake up and get some life into it again. Don’t rush into anything and don’t perform any extraordinary measures on it until it has a bit of space to breathe. Anyway, applying any products at this stage would be a waste.

2. Don’t dethatch for nothing in the world.

That is probably the worst move you could make at this point. As we’ve already mentioned, your lawn is just recovering from recent frost and generally hard times, dethatching is too aggressive right now. Step back and give your lawn a bit of time to strengthen up.

3. Don’t water unless really necessary.

Nashville, Brentville TN and the surrounding areas are doing pretty ok in spring when it comes to precipitation, so there’s rarely any real need for artificial irrigation, at least until summer steps in. Only when your foot leaves a stamp-like mark behind in the grass can you conclude that rain is no longer enough and you should ask your lawn care company to supplement the watering.

4. Choose between over-seeding and pre-emergent weed control.

Depending on your particular type of soil and the shape it’s in (for getting to know it better, contact your lawn service provider), either over-seeding or pre-emergent weed control will be the best lawn care option for your yard. You can’t have both due to the fact that they would annul each other, so discuss with your service provider and choose carefully.

5. Sharpen your mower blade.

Cutting with a dull blade is really bad for the grass; it will take it a lot longer to recover from the operation than from a clean cut made with a sharp blade. Ask your lawn care provider to get your blade sharpened or replaced a.s.a.p.

6. Get to know your soil.

Take advantage of the still-not-in-bloom state of your lawn to get your lawn service provider to run some tests on the soil. Look for things like pH, nutrients level, mineral composition and so on. The more you know, the better you can then respond to its specific needs through proper lawn care.

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