Since spring is here, we know you’re pretty excited to set up your lawn and make sure it will bloom into something to be proud of a.s.a.p. If you put the foundations now, future lawn maintenance will be easy as pie for the remainder of the year.

No.1: Load your soil with the right nutrients.

To make sure your soil is in the best health state possible, thus enabling ideal growing conditions for your lawn, check its parameters. Contact your lawn care provider and run some lab tests on your soil to accurately determine its acidity levels (pH), nutrient levels and so on. Afterwards you will know exactly what type of products to apply to boost its nourishing potential.

No.2: Time the fertilizer.

Don’t apply it just as soon as you have a snow-free view of your lawn. Wait until the grass reaches its vigorous growing phase (you will notice it) and only then ask your lawn care company to apply the fertilizer to ensure its optimal effect. Given how the weather tends to be in Belle Meade (TN) and Forest Hills (TN) and the Nashville areas, you should expect your grass to reach that maximum growth phase pretty quickly.

No.3: Don’t water randomly.

When it comes to watering, less is more. In this time of the year, rain and the general humidity are plenty enough to keep your lawn well-fed, but let your lawn care company decide the right time. Also, you should consider asking your lawn maintenance company for newer generation grass seeds, as they can optimize the water consumption and create more drought-resistant vegetation.

No.4: Don’t let weeds stand a chance.

Applying a pre-emergent herbicide is a good way to keep weeds in check, but now is not the ideal time for it, especially on newly seeded or over-seeded areas. Discuss your option with your local lawn service provider and see what can be done. Also, the healthier the overall lawn is, the harder it is for weeds to thrive, so get the best professional lawn care possible.

No.5: Mow more often, and just for a pinch.

It’s better for the first cut of the season to allow the grass to reach a good height (3-4 inches, depending on type) before the first cut. Ask your lawn care provider for details and for mowing services that cut less at a time, but are performed more often.

No.6: Make a lawn care plan and stick to it.

Keep in mind things like aerating, pre-seeding, fertilizing, applying compost etcetera. Consult your lawn service provider for everything to run smoothly. Good luck!

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