Homeowners should know that lawn watering and maintenance recommendations will fluctuate depending on a large number of variants and that, in layman terms, what works for one lawn will not automatically work for another. We at Turf Clips, lawn professionals in Brentwood, TN know everything there is to know about lawn care, maintenance and landscaping and we will offer you the top 5 lawn watering tips for the wonderful city of Brentwood.

Before we start, any homeowner interested in taking care of their own lawn should know that the location of the lawn or garden is the most important factor when determining the steps needed to be followed in order for success to be guaranteed. There are two types of location:

  • The immediate location – it includes details about the area in question. Is it up-hill or in a low laying area? Are there plants or trees nearby or is it in an open field?
  • The location of the region – which includes climate, temperature, amount of sunlight (direct and indirect) and wind barriers.

Both the immediate location and location of the area will affect watering habits, but they’re not the only ones to do so. The type of ground if also extremely important: is the soil mostly sand or clay? Does it have rocks? Is the surrounding landscape absorbing the water well? Is there fluctuation of the drainage? The professionals at Turf Clips are here to give you are the top 5 lawn care watering tips that every homeowner in Brentwood needs to know.

Top 5 Lawn Watering Tips

1. Time of Day

You should always water at the appropriate time of day, which is, for most areas, in the early hours of the day, because it is cooler then. Do not water in the evening or at night, because the plants and soil are more susceptible to fungus due to the lack of evaporation.

2. Drainage and Water Pressure and Volume

More water is not necessarily good for your plants and trees. You can oversaturate them and even cause flooding, which will kill plants and wash away their seeds. When watering, it is very important to apply a steady amount of water pressure so that you allow for saturation without overflow.

3. Continuous Moisture

If your lawn is quite new, then your flowers and grass will need continuous moisture. Proper materials and techniques will provide for better water retention. Under normal conditions, established lawns and gardens usually require less water than new ones.

4. Landscaping Materials and Methods

Water usage can be minimized by using proper landscaping materials and methods of watering. Think about alternative green options for your lawn, such as the use rain or reclaimed water.

5. Grass

One of the best tips for choosing the greenery for your lawn is to go for grass and plants that are native to the area, as this will improve the chances of survival.

No matter what your current needs are, your lawn always needs the same things: care and maintenance. Where you want to get down and dirty yourself or you want to call in the professionals at Turf Clips, know that research about the climate, irrigation requirements and ground types will give you the lush lawn you’ve always dreamed about.