When it comes to proper lawn care, Nashville property owners have Turfclips at their beck and call. Our dedicated, constantly trained teams of technicians can handle any of their lawn service needs, in Nashville, as well as in Forest Hills, Sylvan Park, Nashville TN, and anywhere else in the area. However, we also believe that the best lawn care company out there is one which also teaches its clients how to care for their lawns themselves. We think that the best approach to proper lawn maintenance is a combination of professional and homeowner effort. Besides, some people simply have a green thumb, or enjoy doing a bit of work in the garden as a fun way to exercise on the daily. We’re here to provide expert lawn care tips, so that you don’t end up doing more damage than good to your lawn in the process.

The local climate conditions in Nashville can get a bit demanding, especially during the warm season. Since our main mission is to keep the greenery on your property stay good looking throughout the year, we’ve taken this into account, in compiling the list of advice below. After all, you want a verdant lawn, not a mildly brownish one, right?

Don’t go overboard with the fertilizer

Fertilization is essential to the good health of a lawn, yet, like all good things, it should be done in modicum amounts. In fact, as any responsible lawn service experts, we generally recommend leaving the fertilizer situation up to the pros. That’s because we can test for the precise pH levels of the soil: anything around the normal quote of 5.5 (or above) requires no fertilization. The excessive, or excessively frequent application of fertilizer can result in damage to your lawn, aside from being hugely expensive, too. Call our technicians in and they will determine whether the soil underneath your lawn needs any chalk or lime applied to it.

Go all natural for fertilization

The best way for a property owner to handle fertilization is through natural techniques. Forget all about buying expensive, risky chemicals at your local hardware store. Instead, whip up a batch of natural compost, from day-to-day ingredients you have in your kitchen and bathroom. Better yet, use grass clippings left behind by your lawn mowing company to fertilize the soil. These DIY methods of fertilization will not only save you a good few hundred dollars, but they will also keep the weeds on your lawn in check.

Do some DIY pest control

One of the top lawn care Nashville, Brentwood TN, and Belle Meade TN issues that we’ve come across is the presence of pests. Pests are pesky for sure and, perhaps more seriously, they can irreparably damage your lawn, while also posing health threats to you, your family, and your pets. There are plenty of spots on your lawn where bugs, rodents, and other pests can nest and build hideouts. Make sure to get rid of them and you’ll also be saving good money on professional pest control.

Go for a smaller lawn

It’s incredible how much of a difference in terms of irrigation and lawn maintenance costs a smaller lawn can make. Think of replacing a few square feet here and there with flowers, flower beds, and shrubs that are less pretentious and can even thrive with less water. You will be investing a significant amount of money initially, but, in the long run, you’ll be cutting costs by an ample margin. Your initial investment will probably be covered within a single season.

Let your grass grow

Of course, we don’t mean you should allow your lawn to turn into a tropical garden. However, turf that’s about three inches long comes with a lot of major advantages. First off, it needs less irrigation to stay green and, secondly, it also stays lush and healthy for a longer time during the dry hot season.