A large number of homeowners choose laying sod on their lawn, instead of opting for seedlings, and we can’t say we don’t understand. Some of our previous clients have explained that they avoid sowing grass and dealing with seedlings for the following reasons:


The cost of seeding a lawn yourself can run rather high and the procedure does take up some time.

Seedling issues:

Visitors to your lawn sometimes inadvertently step on the sprouted seeds of grass and destroy the seedlings, which are yet too weak to handle this. Seedlings can be delicate and fragile and require a lot of attention, in order to thrive. It might turn out too complicated for a homeowner to handle.

Weed control:

Areas that have been seeded with grass become more vulnerable for the apparition of weeds and need to be constantly checked up on, as well as treated with specialized weed control substances. Seedlings are also susceptible to being killed off by sprouting weeds.

Esthetic reasons:

After all the trouble, some homeowners find that they don’t even like the grass that emerges from the seedlings they planted.

These are all the reasons for which we, at Turf Clips, encourage our clients to have us laying sod on their lawns. Indeed, this procedure is one that’s best left to the hands of professionals. You should not attempt to do it yourself, but rather let our teams handle it. Here are some advantages that you can enjoy if you choose to have us lay the sod for you.

When you work with us, we’ll let you look at the grass we lay. You can examine it, see if you like it, and see just how healthy it is. Touch it and look around for as long as you want – it’s important that you like the turf that the sod is going to sprout.

The Turf Clips sod laying procedure involves regular watering, too. We will come in and water the lain sod for you, since, especially at first, sod can require quite a lot of irrigation. But then, once the grass emerges, you will get to enjoy almost instant grass, which your kids can go right ahead and play on. If your kids are rambunctious and fun-loving like that, you’ll be glad you chose sod laying.

It’s true that laying sod takes some work. But that’s what we at Turf Clips do best: lawn care and lawn maintenance. Let us handle the effort, while you simply come in and enjoy the instant lawn that emerges on your property, once everything has been taken care of.

Essentially, sod is thick grass, which means it’s got fewer odds at developing weeds. This, of course, doesn’t mean we won’t be using the appropriate kind of weed control your sod requires.

If you’re thinking of having a lawn installed on your property, consider laying sod. It comes out instantly, it’s got all the odds at looking beautiful in its favor, and it won’t require all the waiting that seeding and seedlings involve. Think about it and consider all the aspects through and through: if you think you might become impatient with the wait that seedlings involve, chances are you are going to give them up and spring for sod anyway. So why not do this right from the beginning? Choose to have Turf Clips lay sod on your lawn!